What if you’re the reason your plans fail?

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There are a lot of reasons why things sometimes don’t go according to our plans, and I agree that sometimes you really can’t prevent bad circumstances. But for all other cases, make sure you’re not exactly the reason all your plans fail. We often sabotage ourselves and here are the most common ways we do it.

Lack of vision (the most common problem that causes plans to fail)    

This is a problem for most people as they constantly have the feeling that their dream is somewhere far away, unattainable and inaccessible. Learning to turn your dreams into tangible ideas will make it easier for you to feel like you are one step closer to realizing them. Imagine how you would feel if your dream finally came true. Who would you be with at that moment? Where would that take place? What music would go in the background? When you set things up like that, it seems much more achievable. If you can’t feel what victory would look like, how do you know what you’re really striving for?     

Negative expectations    

Since we have all been disappointed in the past, in one way or another, now some of us refuse to believe that beautiful things can happen on their own. They also limit themselves to stupid sentences like those that start with no: I can’t, I don’t know, I don’t understand… So get NO, in that sense, out of your thinking and focus on what you’re going for, not what you’re running from.

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What if you're the reason your plans fail? Pinterest

Blaming others    

Isn’t this so well known to all of us? People around me are constantly blaming others. On circumstances, on lack of money, contacts, education, opportunities, happiness. Well, you know what? I know enough people who had neither money nor contacts and they all succeeded thanks to their ability, perseverance and will. Stop being cowards, weaklings and incompetents. Blaming is the fault of the losers. Accept that you are responsible for yourself and your dreams.      

Negative beliefs

It may be easier for you to drown in a mass of your friends who are constantly whining than to start and try to move from where you are now, but if you stick to negative beliefs like that all rich people are thieves, and at the same time you want a higher salary, come to terms with the fact that you will never get it.      


If you fit into the mediocre environment in which you find yourself, a sense of security can be exactly what hinders you and hinders your progress. That discomfort in the new environment is actually a good sign that you have moved out of your comfort zone and are making progress.     

Not trusting the process

Lack of trust is equal to lack of self-confidence, ie insufficient self-confidence. But I see no reason for that to happen if you are chasing your goal and running your race. If you know what you have always wanted and what you have been striving for, there is no room for insecurity, at least not in my head.     

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Lack of focus

If you scatter on a couple of sides, you won’t do a single thing. Is that really the way you choose to reach your goal? Hitting from wall to wall like a headless fly. You need to be maximally focused in order for the plans to succeed and not look from the side. They also use their hooks, as the grandmothers would say.     

Wrong perception of happiness

Happiness comes from within, not from without. It does not depend on what we have, but on what we are. Happiness for you is not the same as happiness for me, we are all different people and everyone needs to know themselves well in order to know their way. Yes, your way! Not the path your mom, aunt, boss or partner creates for you.     

Satisfied with the average

If you think you don’t deserve more, you won’t even get more, then keep lamenting over fate and playing the role of victim. If you think that being successful is very hard, then ask yourself how hard it is to constantly regret something that you did not achieve, and you could.

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I hope you enjoyed this text and found a way you are sabotaging your plans.

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