What does my blogging routine look like?

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Maybe you are like me and value quality more than quantity, maybe you want to start a blog so you are curious, maybe you want to grow your blog to a higher level. If so, maybe you should read this post because it might help you get your blogging routine in order ?

Let me start by saying that blogging routine varies depending on the blog niche. If you have a blog that falls into the category of so-called “photoblogs” which include, say, fashion blogs, the focus will be on photos, which are usually plentiful, and the text will be much less. 

With that in mind, make some coffee and let’s go in order.

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First step of may blogging routine – Preparations

This is the easiest part because I always have a pre-set topic that I will write about on what date, because I keep an editorial calendar. What remains for me is to stick to that calendar. 

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My preparation workflow consist of the following:

  • first I check the title I’ve planned and check it in Google’s keyword planner (due to SEO),
  • then I manually set the permalink under which the blog post will be published,
  • I write a title and outline the post ( add subtitles),
  • I enter the tags and category.

Second step is publishing the blog post 

This is the hardest part. I switch off for a couple of hours from everything and focus exclusively on writing the text. I’ve noticed that I was more productive in doing that. While typing, I read the text several times, because I will not see all the mistakes at first. Sometimes a typo is stolen, but I correct it as soon as I see it. It happens to everyone.  To make it easier I use Grammarly.

This section consists of the following steps:

  • I create a featured photo,
  • then I choose other photos,
  • next I link important blog posts,
  • after that I write an introduction,
  • I write a conclusion,
  • I create separate graphics for each network (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest),
  • and finally I write the rest of the text.

For creating graphics or photo editing, I mainly use Canva and BeFunky.

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Of course, this routine is not always identical, but I always go through all these steps because it all comes together in one of my posts. It is important for me to go through everything properly because I insist on quality and I do not want my name to be behind some half-time work.

Finally, I read the text again, correct any errors and click Publish.

What after you hit publish?

The last, but not the least important part of any blog post is sharing the blog post. The moment you click on Publish, all your efforts are released into the internet ecosystem. But still, it is time to present it on social networks.

You can share all blog posts on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr. As for Instagram, due to the specifics of the network (it is not possible to link in the description of the photo) for most texts, you can post a thematic photo with a longer description, and refer to the link in the profile. Additional things you can do are share in relevant Facebook groups.

Note: I’m not a full-time blogger, I don’t make a living from blogging, I’m not an expert nor do I say this is what your blogging routine should look like, I’m just sharing my own, hoping it will help someone.

If you have any questions, recommendations or need clarification regarding my blogging routine write me a comment below. 

If this text was useful to you, share it with your friends on social networks, or send it to someone you think will like it.

Ready to upgrade your blogging

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  1. A useful post for new bloggers who would like to understand what a day in a bloggers life looks like, as food bloggers we add submission to recipe sites like FoodGawker to that list as well.

  2. This was very useful. I’m a new blogger and will definitely follow some of these tips. Do you have any recommendations for getting more social media engagement?

    1. Glad you find it useful 🙂 Unfortunately, I don’t have some social media engagement tips I could share because I focused on creating content and on Pinterest as I’m not a full-time blogger and social media requires a lot of time and attention I’m not able to focus on right now. But, as soon as I start to tackle that area I’ll make sure to write a post or two on that subject 🙂

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