Everything you need to know about using bullet journal for bloggers

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You already know how much I love bullet journal, in this post I will share another way you can use it and I will just say this – bullet journal for bloggers.

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Keeping up with a blog can be overwhelming, whether you are a bard new blogger or if you blog for some time. There are so many things to keep track of like your ideas, stats, keywords, and the list goes on and on.

I realized that a simple notebook can do miracles when it comes to any type of planning and it is the case for blog planning. A bullet journal is basically a blank notebook you turn into the planner you need.

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Here is the list of what to put in a bullet journal for bloggers

1. Monthly editorial calendar

Or simply told a monthly overview of when and what you plan to post and promote your post. You can also make a weekly overview if that’s easier for you.

bullet journal for bloggers

2. Blog Stats

Tracking your blog stats is important and it can be so overwhelming. That’s why you need to have one place to put everything you are tracking to not get lost in numbers. Here is an example of what can you track, you can customize to fit your needs:

  • Views
  • Visitors
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Email subscribers
  • New followers since the previous month
  • Pinterest views
  • Facebook followers
bullet journal for bloggers

3. Blog post ideas

The most useful blank paper in the world is the one you jot down all your ideas for a new blog post. You can divide them by category right away, or you can do it later.

4. Promo tracker

Another thing you should keep track of is your blog posts promotions. Where and when are you promoting what blog post? Did you create graphics for every promo channel? Did you write the text for your next newsletter or email? Lot of things to get lost in, which is why this spread is so important.

bullet journal for bloggers

6. Blogging goals

If you want to grow your blog you should consider having a spread on your blogging goals. There is an amazing guide on how to set your goals and break them down on steps in this post by Megan Ruttel.

7. Blog post planner

I personally don’t use this type of planner spread because I write my posts directly in WordPress and outline them before I start writing and adding images. I’ve tried to use it, but it just didn’t work out for me. Like I said, I write key point and keywords directly in new WordPress post and than go from that. It works for me, maybe it doesn’t work for you.

bullet journal for bloggers Pinterest

I hope these ideas will help you if you have some other suggestion what can be put in bullet journal for bloggers, just leave a comment and I make sure to include it in this list.


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