5 simple tricks to make you better photographer

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You want to be a better photographer, but don’t know where to start? I’ve compiled some simple tricks that helped me when I decided to get better at photography and level up my skills.

One quick tip: don’t expect to become a better photographer overnight, you need to practice and practice and practice. These tricks will steer you in the right direction, everything else will come with practice.

You want to be a better photographer, but don't know where to start? I've compiled some simple tricks that helped me when I decided to get better at photography and level up my skills.

5 simple tricks to make you better photographer

1. Learn first, focus on your gear after

One mistake most photographers make in the beginning is focusing on buying (expensive) gear instead of focusing on learning. Remember this: a good photographer can make amazing photography even with less expensive gear. Camera is just a tool, but with trained eye and capable hands it can produce extraordinary results.

Focus on you technique at first, learn to use aperture and shutter speed, study other photographers and practice.

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2. Be excellent at one photography discipline before you tackle another

What does this mean? You could choose one discipline and master it, here are some ideas: portrait, product, architecture, landscape, wedding, baby … Find the subject that brings you the most joy when photographing it and become excellent at it.

For example, I’m currently into landscape photography and I’m giving my best to master it (you can see my recent photo below). I was struggling to find my focus and took a shot at everything, but with not so good results. Soon after I realized that I enjoy taking landscape photography the most. I even went as far as buying this amazing landscape photography course* to help me become a better photographer at this discipline.

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View from Stara mountain, Serbia - better photographer
View from Stara mountain, Serbia, on a cloudy day (photo by me, taken on 5 July 2020)

3. Light is your friend – utilize it

Photography and light come one with another and can’t really exist without one another. Photography comes from the Greek words “Phōs” and “graphé” which translates into “Drawing with light

What you’ll learn through practice is that light can bounce, be hard/soft, have a color temperature and create shadows and highlights. If you love taking outdoor photos, you’ll soon come to realization that best time to take those type of photos is during golden hour – shortly after dawn and just before sunset.

4. Simplicity can make rich photos

On m,y way to becoming better photographer I’ve learned that simplicity can do so much for my photos. The most common beginner’s mistake is that many try to cram too many elements into one photo without thinking about what it does to composition.

A photograph can have: two elements for balance, symmetry or contrast, there can be three to emphasize a certain element, it can have four to close a compositional circle. What is important to know is that each additional element in the photo must have its purpose and function.

better photographer - light and simplicity
Photo by Joshua Newton on Unsplash

5. Try out different perspectives

What can make your photo from distinctive from the many others is perspective. The key to perspective is not to be lazy. You can take a photo of a certain subject by being in front of it. This is the most common way of taking photos. However, you can take a photo of the same subject from above, from below, on the left or right. The number of combinations and possible angles is infinite.

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It is only your imagination that can limit you.

If these tips were useful to you, share it with your friends on social networks, or send it to someone you think will like it.


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