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Top 7 blog stock photos websites – FREE photos

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You are writing a blog and struggle to find best blog stock photos? I will make your life easier and list my top 7 sites where you can find perfect stock photos for your blog.

Oh, did I mention that all of these sites offer free photos? Yes, free stock photos. Just make sure to read licence agreement carefully so you know what are DO’s and DON’T’s with them.

blog stock photo - Pinterest


Maybe the most famous website with licence free stock photos is Unsplash. According to their About page it has over 1 million free high-resolution images brought to you by the world’s most generous community of photographers.

search page from unsplash with food blog stock photos


Another similar webiste is Pixabay with over 1 million stock photos in their library. You can search photos by category, orientation, type etc.

Pixabay home page


I’ve just recently found this website and I love it already. It is easy to use and has some very unique stock photo library. You can even search photos by what they call pack (see the photo bellow).

reshot blog stock photo home page


Pikwizard offers both premium and free stock photos. Premium photos are “powered” by paid stock photo websites such as Shutterstock and Adobe Stock. It has a lot of categories in which you can get lost trying to find suitable photo for you.

Pikwizard home page - blog stock photos


I fell in love with her photos the moment I subscribed. IvoryMix offers both paid and free images. When you subscribe you get access to her freebie library with hundreds of stock photos and more are added every month. However, if you want more you can always get paid membership.

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Burst by Shopify

If you didn’t know by now, Shopify also offers free stock photos. They have dedicated website called Burst. You can search photos by collection, keyword, category.

Burst by Shopify home page - blog stock photos


If you are, as they would say, little bit quirky, Gratisography is the best place for stock photos for you. It has many creative categories to chose from.

Gratisography home page

That’s all for now.

There are plenty more to chose from, but these are my top 7 websites with free blog stock photos. If you are more on the selling rather then consuming side, check my post Top 5 places to sell your stock photos online.


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It’s not just me, most bloggers also spend a lot of time running their blog, doing the research before writing a blog post, and then writing valuable content, and not to mention shooting or searching and editing the photos you see. What I want to say is, thank you for the support that helps me keep running this blog and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

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