Submit your blog posts to these websites and gain more traffic

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Writing a blog post is just the beginning of hard work you need to invest in. After you hit the publish button you start a journey of promoting your blog and attract readers aka traffic.

As you may already heard, writing great content is not enough to attract readers, you must share your blog posts where ever you can, as long as it is not spamming.

The most popular way of promoting your blog is Pinterest, but learning how to use it in your advantage is sometimes tiring. Facebook group threads are one more way of promotion, there is also Twitter and even LinkedIn.

Besides those, there are a few more other places where you can promote you blog posts and gain traffic.

Keep in mind that you should engage with other bloggers on your way of promoting your own stuff.

Here is the list of websites to submit your blog posts.

Submit your blog posts to these websites and gain more traffic Pin


Blogovin’ is good place to discover other bloggers in your niche and also to share your content. The first step is to create an account and to claim your blog.

After you claim your blog, you can add this Blogovin’ widget or add an HTML code to your post, it looks like this:

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Or you can add this widget:


When you hit the publish button, your blog post will automatically be added to your Blogovin’ page.


Mix is a website that lets you create collections with articles and content of your interest. Just like you add someone else’s content, it is easy to add your own posts. It may not drive much traffic, but it is still worth submitting.

It is easy to create an account and add your posts. You can add them manually, or add the extension to your browser and add your posts with just one click.


Blog Post Vote Up is a website where bloggers upload their current blog posts to drive traffic to their blog. You can also find great content from other bloggers. It is free to join.

After you join you can start adding your posts, but only one a day. Users vote for what they like and you can earn points and badges.


I was a little skeptical when I found out that you can submit your blog to Flipboard and drive traffic from there, it turns out that it works.

After you sign up, you should apply to become a publisher. You will need to add your RSS feed in order to start publishing on Flipboard. Here’s the instruction on how to do that.

You will receive an email saying that your publishing account is created, after that you can start creating magazines and flipping your content and following others and fliping other content.

You can also add a widget like the one below on your blog so your readers can easily find you on Flipboard..

View my Flipboard Magazine.

When you hit the publish button, your blog post will automatically be added to your Flipboard magazine.



Blogarama is the oldest free blog directory, as they claim. It is a blog directory where you submit your blog and where you can discover other great listings.

After signing up and create your free account, you should add a code to your blog so all your posts can automatically be added to the directory.

There is also a paid option if you want your posts to appear on the homepage.

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