One Important Step People Keep Missing When Starting a Side Hustle

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Starting a side hustle seems pretty easy, right? Set some hours aside, find an idea for a product you can sell on the internet, and set up a store. You’ll then spend the rest of your life lounging around, doing fun things as your bank account fills up. How hard can it be?

According to most “start a side hustle gurus” it has never been easier to start earning passive income in your sleep. There is probably some truth in there, but what they fail to tell you is thanks to that thinking it has never been harder to succeed with your side hustle.

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Let’s go back to step one. You found an idea of what you can do online, you buy the premade product you can resell, create a logo in Canva, open up a shop, and expect dollars to come to you as soon as you hit publish.

After some zeros on your account, you decide to join a few Facebook support groups and connect with other side hustlers. You finally gather some courage and post in the group hoping to get help from people who understand what you’ve been going through.

Most of the people will be helpful, some will be harsh, some rude, and others won’t even bother to reply thinking that if you missed that one big important step there is no point in trying to help you now.

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What is that one important step most people skip when starting a side hustle?

They fail to research the platform they will use to sell products.

How can you have a successful side hustle without knowing how important stuff work, for example, the platform you are using to sell your products? You can’t, it’s as simple as that.

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These should be the steps to take when you want to start a side hustle:

  • product idea;
  • find a platform to sell;
  • learn all you can about the platform: are there fees? do you have to pay to start? do you need a domain name? how does a customer get your product?…
  • learn about all the legal stuff of starting a side hustle;
  • create some products to start;
  • create logo and branding;
  • upload everything;
  • promote, promote, promote …

To sum up this “rant” — hurrying up to earn quick bucks most people skip the important step of researching the platform they will use to sell products.

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