6 Things You Are Not Legally Allowed To Sell On Etsy When Selling Digital Products

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Selling digital products on Etsy is a great way to start a small business. However, there are certain things you’re not legally allowed to sell on Etsy.

And if you see shops doing this it doesn’t mean it’s allowed, it’s just that they have not been banned yet.

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1. Canva PRO elements

Canva PRO elements are not allowed to be sold on both finished products and as a separate product (stickers for example).

You can only sell them as part of a template that will bring customers back into Canva. In that case, the customer will buy the element after editing the template.

2. Premade Canva templates

This is a big NO-NO. You can use premade Canva templates as an inspiration for your design, but you can’t sell their template without substantially changing it.

You need to change the fonts, colors, and elements in a way that your product doesn’t even look like the premade template you started from.

3. Canva elements

This goes for both free and paid elements; you can’t sell them by themselves. You need to use the elements in your own design.

4. Creative Fabrica elements

Many designers and product creators use Creative Fabrica to get graphics and other elements to use.

You can’t sell Creative Fabrica elements unless they are flattened in your design.

5. Production partners

If you decide to hire someone on Fiverr or any other similar platform to make the products for your shop, you need to list them as a production partner.

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You are not allowed to claim the design as your own if you hire someone to create it for you.

6. Fonts

If you bought a font to use on your design and you don’t have extended commercial use rights, you risk being banned and losing your shop.

I think sellers should be aware of what they can and can’t sell on Etsy. Your listing might also be taken down if it violates any of the rules mentioned above. I hope you can use this info to be successful on Etsy.

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