Perfect PLR Gratitude Journal Templates for Your Shop

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The practice of gratitude not only uplifts our spirits but also transforms our perspective, allowing us to appreciate the beauty and positivity that surrounds us. If you’re a shop owner looking to provide your customers with tools to enhance their well-being, you’re in luck! Introducing the perfect solution – PLR Gratitude Journal Templates.

These meticulously crafted templates offer a seamless way to empower your customers on their gratitude journey. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the myriad benefits of incorporating these templates into your shop and how they can contribute to your customers’ personal growth and overall happiness.

Perfect PLR Gratitude Journal Templates for Your Shop

Lavender Gratitude Journal by Simple Happiness

plr gratitude journal templates

These PLR gratitude journal templates provide daily prompts and inspiration to guide your practice and help make gratitude part of everyday life. You can use the ready-made design or rebrand the blank templates provided in Canva and PowerPoint to create your own designs and add your own ideas.

The price is $27.

Gratitude Journal Template by Simply Couture Designs

This is a collection of 16 planner pages including several cover designs to help your audience think positively by starting a Gratitude Journal. Customize with your own branding and make passive income online with this Gratitude Journal printable template.

The price is $27.

PLR Gratitude Journal Templates with Mockups by For Mommies by Mommy

PLR Gratitude Journal Templates with Mockups by For Mommies by Mommy

This template comes with 14 different journal pages that are fully editable in Canva. Also, you get 7 unique mock-up banner Canva templates to help you create attractive product images to showcase beautiful journal to your customers!

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The price is $22.

Gratitude Planner & Journal by A Cup of Zen

Gratitude Planner & Journal

These PLR Gratitude Journal Templates with Planner have 10 unique pages for Canva and PowerPoint. You will also receive a hand-crafted watercolor graphic and 3 patterns in PNG in 300 DPI. Sell this journal in your shop to give your customers ways to set their goals.

The price is $17.

Celestial Self Gratitude Journal Bundle by Pretty Printables

Celestial Self Gratitude Journal Bundle

This Self Gratitude Journal is to practice your gratitude with space to write and monitor your good and bad thoughts so you can work to increase your gratitude every day. Keep track of all of them in one place so you can look back and see how far you’ve come! Make gratitude a habit as part of you. It also comes with a Celestial Theme Bundle with Notepapers, Tag and Bookmarks.

The price is $39.99.

Incorporating PLR Gratitude Journal Templates into your shop is not just a business move, it’s a commitment to enhancing the lives of your customers. By offering these thoughtfully designed templates, you’re giving them the invaluable gift of self-reflection, positivity, and personal growth.

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