Simple Everyday Ways To Practice Self Care

Simple Everyday Ways To Practice Self Care
Self care is vitally important not just for stress relief but also for overall mental health. It can do everything from help after a bad day to improve your self confidence. It also doesn’t take a lot to take proper care of yourself. Here are some different ways to practice self care every day.

The secrets of easy photography workflow

photography workflow
Having a photography workflow is important no matter if you are a professional or amateur photographer or if you just want to keep your photos and memories organized. What is a photography workflow? In simple terms, a series of steps you take after (or even before) shooting photos - exporting, editing, and storing.

How to Start a Self Care Morning Routine

How to Start a Self Care Morning Routine(2)
If you want to pay more attention to yourself and practice self care, it helps to start by working on your morning routine. If you are just hopping out of bed, grabbing breakfast (or just coffee), and running out the door, you are probably already stressed by the time you get into your car. A healthier option is to start a better morning routine with these tips.

What if you’re the reason your plans fail?

There are a lot of reasons why things sometimes don't go according to our plans, and I agree that sometimes you really can't prevent bad circumstances. But for all other cases, make sure you're not exactly the reason all your plans fail. We often sabotage ourselves and here are the most common ways we do it.