How to be organized when you are a total mess + free printables

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Being organized isn’t always easy. I guess it’s because being a mess is just so attractive and it feels so good. Unless you are the kind of person who loves being organized and keeping everything in order.

I wouldn’t say I’m an organized person, but I’m not a mess either. At least not anymore. Some years ago I became addicted to planners and getting my life in order. Or at least a part of my life.

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First step – Get yourself a planner

I tried a bullet journal planner (so-called bujo), dated, no-dated planners, trying to find the best fit. I even started creating them. It’s crazy, I know.

So, here are some tips and tricks and things that helped me get organized.

Dated planners

I tried so hard to like them, but somehow they were not a good fit. I used Moleskine with the weekly layout. They are great if you start your planning year on January 1st and if you just need to write down your meetings, appointments or birthdays/anniversaries. Also, they are great if you don’t want to beautify them more with washi tape and stickers and other creative stuff.

My planning year started somewhere in March, that was when I decided to be more organized, so buying a dated planner and not using the first two months was ridiculous, nevertheless, I bought one. Besides this, I needed more. More spaces for notes, a dedicated place for certain appointments such as dentists, hairdressers and similar. So after a couple of months, I gave up, I didn’t help on my journey to be more organized.

After this one, I gave one more shot to dated planners and again it didn’t work. This time I chose a daily layout from some small brand I bought on Facebook, with great covers and design, but the layout was not for me.


Undated planners

Unlike dated planners, no-dated ones offer more types of layouts and more freedom. At least the ones I tried. They are great if you, like me, start organizing your life in the middle of the year. They are more customizable which makes them easier to use.

I tried several, mostly from small brands I stumbled upon, and I was satisfied. I was able to personalize them as much as I needed. However, I’m still struggling with the perfect layout, so far the weekly worked best for me.

Right now I’m experimenting with Passion planner, and so far I’m loving it. It is easy to use and it really makes your life easier and more organized.

Bullet journal – BuJo

Bullet journaling is probably the cheapest option of all three because all you need is a notebook and a few pens. On the other side, it is the most time consuming of all three because you need to create monthly/weekly/daily spreads yourself.

organized with bujo

The thing I love about them is the customization part; you can track so many things because you are only limited by the number of pages. You can start your planning whenever you want, in April or Wednesday, doesn’t matter YOU create your planner.

Don’t be scared with these pretty layouts and spreads and give up on BuJo because of it. There are also minimalistic versions of BuJo, you don’t have to beautify yours if you’re not in that spirit. Try it, maybe it is perfect for your mess and road to being organized.

Second step

Start using your planner. Write down everything, even the things you consider not important for the planner. Once you create a habit of planning you will be more organized. You will be more productive and maybe even better at managing your time.

Good luck ?

As I promised, you can download your printables clicking on the button below – you get monthly and daily planner.


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