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Here is some inspiration for your bullet journal

I already mentioned the bullet journal (BuJo) in my post about getting organized, and in this post, I will explain a little more about it and share with you some inspiration.

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Let’s start with some explanations

What is BuJo?

Ryder Carroll, a Designer based in New York, created a planning system that he called Bullet Journal. He said that bullet journal is meant to “help you track the past, organize the present, and plan for the future.”

You can use your BuJo to keep track of many things in your life (there will be a post about it). It is much more than a simple planner.

What do you need?

The basic tools needed for BuJo are a good notebook and a good pen. Everything else is optional. If you work better with color-coding, you can use colored pens and so on. You are the designer and creator.

Basic concept in BuJo

Most BuJo’s have the same basic pages:
1. index page: it is a fancy term for the table of contents, you update it as you go through your notebook;
2. yearly/future log: an overview of the year so you can easily track important dates;
3. monthly log: calendar of the month with big things you need to do that month;
4. daily log: things you need to do daily;
5. key: symbols you use to track tasks that are done or moved.

Besides these, you can add “collections“: mood tracker, habit tracker, books to read, music to listen to, movies and tv shows to watch, etc.

It is time for the bullet journal inspiration

If you are new to this you will need some inspiration, and if you use it for some time you know that there are times that you need some bullet journal inspiration to get yourself motivated and in creative mode.

Index page

Yearly/future log

Monthly log

Daily log

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I hope that this is enough bullet journal inspiration for today.

Happy journaling 📔✍️🖊️


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