You Only Need These 3 Things To Have Good Time Management

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Good time management doesn’t involve waiting! It’s definitely an action, that’s clear. But not just any action. 

Most people feel nauseated at the mention of ‘time management’ because it reminds them of a lot of effort, action, various note-taking, and planning. And so, they don’t even start improving this skill in themselves because it seems like something to struggle with and sacrifice a lot for. 

I used to think the same way, the only difference is that I was good at time management. As time went on, and I gained more personal and professional experience, I increasingly witnessed the importance of the following fact: Less is more! 

It applies to business, marketing, life, and even regarding time management. There’s no need to focus so much on goals, constantly jotting things down and taking notes. 

So in this text, I’ll summarize only three rules that are important to follow if you want to better organize your time.

1. Priorities

It’s certainly important to make plans and set goals, but if you don’t know which ones are the most important, you’ll never successfully achieve them, nor will you enjoy the results you achieve. 

The reason is that you’ll always have a feeling that you could have done this and that. You’ll wonder if it might have been better to achieve the other goal first. Or you’ll regret not achieving everything you planned. 

No one can ever achieve everything they want. A person who sets priorities correctly knows this truth well and lives with it without guilt.

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2. Flexibility

People who “accomplish everything” don’t finish everything they would like or must in one day. They simply know how to set priorities and how to achieve them. 

And when they can’t do the less important things (no matter how important they are), they don’t get upset. Because they are aware that a day only has 24 hours. And they won’t achieve everything they would like. 

On the contrary, some days will consist entirely of urgent activities. Other days will be mostly filled with activities that are personally important to them and that they enjoy. All in line with the priorities they have set. 

The good time management revolves around setting priorities on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. And it requires a high level of flexibility. 

Our demands and needs change, as well as the demands of the people around us and life in general. If we rigidly stick to our set goals and plans, we won’t get far. Neither mentally nor physically.

3. Dedication

It’s not enough to just know what you’re striving for and to be flexible. It’s important to know how to be persistent and not give up on the path to achieving your goals. In other words, dedication is important. 

Dedication doesn’t just mean taking action. It involves concrete action until you achieve the desired results. It means accepting obstacles on the way, dealing with them, and continuing forward. 

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Dedication means taking responsibility for your actions and their outcomes. Don’t look for excuses in a government that didn’t provide you with this or that, in other people for whom everything in life “goes smoothly,” or in not having enough money or resources. 

Dedication is when you say out loud: I decide that I have control over my life, and I’m open to seeing where I can go. With such an attitude, you slowly stop living in the past or in fear of the future. You focus on the present. On what is and what you can do. You become aware of every step and strive to give your best. 

With such dedication, not even failing to achieve your desired results will bring you down. The reason is that you cultivated full awareness throughout that journey and became aware that you’ve learned a lot. 

With this new knowledge, along with the previously mentioned flexibility and prioritization skills, you have all the prerequisites to say to yourself: Hey, I’m a well-organized person! So, it starts all over again with new goals.

Does time management really have anything to do with all of this? Perhaps you were expecting more specific techniques in this text, but believe me, what you’ve read is much more important. 

All those planning, goal setting, note-taking, and note-keeping techniques are useless if you don’t first realize the importance of flexibility and dedication. And if you don’t emphasize good definition and understanding of priorities. 

Life is often quite simple. We complicate it and philosophize about things that don’t require it. Do you agree?

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