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Creating a perfect eye-catching Pin for your blog post can be difficult especially if you are having troubles with design. Fortunately there are many places you can find Pinterest templates to use over and over again.

For a blogger, Pinterest is the essential tool to draw visitors to blog and, if you are lucky, to score some affiliate sale. In order to do that you must create Pins that are eye-catching and that attract reader to click on it and go to your blog.

Creating Pins is not only time consuming but also tiring. That’s why I gathered some places you can find amazing Pinterest templates that are easy to use and more importantly you can use them many times.

The list of 7 places to find eye-catching Pinterest templates to make your Pins stand out. These templates are perfect for bloggers and are easy to use.

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List of places to find Pinterest templates

1. Bluchic – Canva Social Media Templates

Bluchic offers amazing feminine Canva Templates for several social medias, including Pinterest. The package consists of: 17 Set of Professionally-Designed Canva Social Media Templates with 5 Options Per Template (that’s a total of 85 unique templates!) and 10 Styled Stock Photos (exclusive from Styled Stock Society). Price for all this is $67.00.

2. Online Template Shop – Pinterest Quick Fix

In Online Template Shop you will find a pack of 70+ regular Pins and 20+ video Pins done in Canva. There is also a free video where you will learn how to make video Pins. Price for all of this is $27, and there is a payment plan available – 4 interest-free payments of  $6.75.

3. Boss Girl Bloggers – Pinterest Templates

Boss Girl Bloggers offers three different packages of customizable Pinterest templates. Package 1 has 86 templates and the price is $29. Package 2 includes 20 customizable Pinterest Templates for $15. And Package 3 includes 10 customizable Pinterest templates for Canva as well as 20+ blog income goal planning printables and the price is $8.99.

The list of 7 places to find eye-catching Pinterest templates to make your Pins stand out. These templates are perfect for bloggers and are easy to use.

4. IvoryMix – Canva Templates fr Pinterest

IvoryMix offers not only stock photos, but also templates for you Pinterest account. There are 24 different options/color shemes with 4, 5 or 6 templates and the price for all of them is $10.

5. Creative Market

Creative Market is the best marketplace for any type of design. Here are some of the many templates you can find there:

6. Tailwind

You’ve probably heard about Tailwind, but did you know that you can find free Pinterest templates on their website? Oh yeah. They offer something called “The Perfect Pinterest Pins Toolkit” where you can find free templates and some very useful guides for Pinterest.

If you didn’t hear about Tailwind, let me explain in short. It is a Pinterest scheduling app (recently they added Instagram scheduling app) that allows you to automate your Pinterest game. You create and schedule pins in your boards and Tailwind tribes to get more reach to your blog content. There is a free plan that is very limited and paid plan that starts at $9.99. If you would like to give it a try, here’s the link that will get you one month free of Tailwind.

7. Canva

Don’t be shocked, Canva is a free design tool, but you can also find some pretty awesome Pinterest templates that you can further customize. You can do a lot of things with the free option, but paid one offers so much more.

Hope you liked this list, if you have some other places with awesome Pinterest templates, don’t be afraid to leave the comment below.


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