6 Etsy Shop Policies You Need to Have

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Starting your Etsy shop can be frightening and you can be overwhelmed by all the information you stumble upon. Besides having your products and branding, it is very important to have shop policies so you can protect yourself and your business, and to ensure a a positive customer experience.

There are 6 important shop policies you should add today.

1. Return policy

A clear and well-defined return policy is a must for any Etsy shop. This is both for physical and digital products. This policy outlines the terms and conditions under which customers can return items they’ve purchased. It should specify the duration within which returns are accepted, any specific conditions for returning items (e.g., unused, in original packaging), and the process customers should follow.

You can add this in the description of your products. Don’t forget to add it to every listing. When it comes to digital products, considering their nature, sellers don’t accept returns.

2. Exchange policy

This is mostly for physical items, as digital product sellers don’t offer product exchanges. Your exchange policy should address how customers can exchange items, the timeframe within which exchanges are allowed, and the specific procedures they should follow. 

A well-structured exchange policy ensures that customers have options if the item they received isn’t quite what they expected, making them more likely to return to your shop in the future.

3. Contact info

As part of the product description, you can offer customers or potential customers to contact you either on Etsy or give your email address. Also, ensure that your contact information is easily accessible on your Etsy shop page. Responsiveness to customer inquiries and issues can go a long way in resolving potential problems and keeping customers satisfied.

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4. Copyright policy/disclaimer

This policy should detail your rights and restrictions regarding the intellectual property you’re selling and may include disclaimers about the usage of your products. I add this policy to every listing, and it is also listed in my shop description.

5. Shipping policy

When it comes to digital products, they are delivered immediately however, you can include instructions on how to download them in the message to the buyer.

To add the message go to Settings — Info&Apperance and scroll all the way down. This is what my message looks like.

Etsy shop policies

Now, when it comes to physical items, your shop’s shipping policy provides clarity on how you handle the delivery of products. It should include information on the shipping methods you use, estimated delivery times, and any additional handling fees.

A well-structured shipping policy sets clear expectations for your customers and can help you avoid misunderstandings about shipping costs and delivery times. Delivery times are especially important around big holidays such as Christmas and Easter.

6. Address responsibility— to have a current address in order to receive the product

To ensure that your products reach their intended destination, it’s essential to communicate the importance of customers providing accurate shipping addresses. You can create a policy that specifies that it’s the customer’s responsibility to provide a current and correct address for the product to be delivered. This helps minimize issues related to incorrect deliveries and ensures your customers receive their orders as expected.

Adding the policies to your Etsy shop

In your dashboard simply go to Settings — Policy settings, or Shipping settings depending on the policy you are trying to add. If you don’t know how to write those policies, there are plenty of online resources. I bought mine from The Contract Shop*.

Having these six policies in place is not only good business practice but also legally important for your Etsy shop. Don’t forget to regularly review and update them to reflect your business practices and any changes in Etsy’s policies.

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