3 hacks to get more efficient in time management

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Time management is something I’ve always found challenging. I started a blog because I wanted to have more time to write but ended up spending hours each day working on social media or other marketing tasks. There seemed to be so many distractions and competing priorities. I don’t want to spend my time on social media any longer, so I made 4 changes in the way I manage the time that helped me get more motivated and finally take action.

Nobody likes being behind schedule all the time. Here are 4 hacks that work for me to get more efficient in time management. To be a successful entrepreneur and grow your business, you will need to be more productive, not just in your business but also in managing your personal tasks.

One thing I’ve realized is that to get more efficient in time management doesn’t really help manage my time better as much as it changes my behavior to enable me to get more things done within the time and with the resources, I can afford to buy.

1. Eliminate Time Wasters

This is the big one because once you realize that you have the same amount of time as anyone else, it’s easy to accept that the best way to use the time wisely and efficiently is to get rid of time wasters. Think of it as getting better at managing your money when you stick to your financial budget, getting rid of time wasters is the best way to stick to your time budget. Maybe next time you endlessly scroll TikTok you find something other to do with your time.

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2. Buy Time from Others

You can always buy time from others if you have money. What I mean by this, is you can start delegating things you don’t personally need to do, but things that just need to be done. You can get free help from family members and you can pay others when you outsource to more qualified or skilled team members.

3. Use the Time You Have Efficiently

This is the essential one to get more efficient in time management. For example, you can avoid multitasking and typical timewasters like surfing the net without a goal and time limit so that you accomplish the tasks you want to within the realistic time limit you set.

We’re all running around trying to get everything done, and it’s easy to forget that we’re all using our time inefficiently. If you find yourself drowning in a sea of tasks, these time management hacks can help pull you to shore so that you can get back to the real work at hand.

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