5+ ChatGPT Prompts to Grow Your Side Hustle

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I know that ChatGPT (or any other similar AI platform) is hated among content creators and writers. However, it can be useful sometimes especially when you use it properly.

I like playing with it and giving it different commands just to see what kind of answer I’ll receive. Sometimes I use it to get some ideas when I’m feeling stuck or to help me with my Etsy shop (writing product descriptions can be boring).

You could try these 11 prompts to grow your side hustle.

5+ ChatGPT Prompts to Grow Your Side Hustle

For branding

Whether your side hustle focuses on selling products or a service you provide, branding is important part so your target audience can recognize you easily and to attract new customers.

Having a brand story will help you with that, here’s a prompt you could use:

Create a brand story that conveys <your mission/vision>and unique selling point, using engaging language and storytelling techniques to connect with potential customers, and build brand awareness.

For website and landing pages

If you decided to create a website for your brand, having a well written webpage or landing page will make your brand more attractive to possible customers and make them return to you when needed.

Create a webpage that provides comprehensive information about <your product/service>, including <benefits and unique features of your product/service>, customer reviews and frequently asked questions.

Create a landing page that effectively communicates the values of <your product/service> and encourages visitors to take action such as making a purchase.

Write a blog post tat explores the benefits and feature of <your product/service>, with a focus on the unique value proposition that sets your product/offer aoart from competitors, and targets <your ideal customer>.

For email marketing

Email marketing is one of the easiest ways to reach you old, new and possible customers. Drafting and creating newsletters can be daunting especially when your writing skills are not the best.

ChatGPT can come in handy for that:

Develop a series of email newsletters that provide valuable information about <your product/service/business>, special promotions and other interesting offers to your subscribers. Tailor the messaging to <your target audience>, and use engaging subject lines to make them want to open and read the emails.

For Reels, TikToks or Youtube videos

Promoting your side hustle on social media accounts is a great way to reach your target audience and grow your business. However, constantly creating content can lead to having no idea what to post next.

Try using this prompt to help you with your next video:

Produce a video tutorial that shows benefits and features of our <your product/service> and how it solves <your target audience’s> problems, while highlighting best practices in the industry.

Produce a video tutorial for <your product/service> that provides a step-by-step guide for <your target audience> on how to use it effectively, highlighting its unique features and benefits.

Analyze the engagement metrics of my latest video on <social media platform> and suggest improvements for future video content based on received data.

For when you’re stuck

Staying on top of trends that are constantly evolving and trying to be in the loop at all times can lead to burnout and hating your side hustle. Beside remembering why you even started it, you can ask ChatGPT for a little help:

Generate <a type of content you need> that explores the latest trends and developments in <your industry/topic>, providing actionable tips and insights for <your ideal customer> to stay ahead.

I’m struggling to create engaging content for my website/blog <describe it in few words>. What are some strategies for coming up with ideas and improving my writing skills?

Identify <five> high-performing <blog posts/pages/articles> that I should update with fresh content, keyword optimization and improved multimedia to maintain SEO and user engagement success.

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