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Tips on how to set priorities, plan better and improve your productivity.

10 amazing everyday rituals to get your mood boosting

First things first, I'm not talking about everyday rituals like get up, have coffee and go to work, these are different type of everyday rituals. When people think of their mood, they often think of just being in a good mood or a bad mood. But the truth is, there is a lot in between these two extremes. Things like stress, daily habits, physical stress, and so many other factors go into how you feel.

What if you’re the reason your plans fail?

There are a lot of reasons why things sometimes don't go according to our plans, and I agree that sometimes you really can't prevent bad circumstances. But for all other cases, make sure you're not exactly the reason all your plans fail. We often sabotage ourselves and here are the most common ways we do it.

Here is a Method That is Helping Me to Manage my Time Better

clock plant lamp
The fact is that some people achieve much more, are less stressed and are generally happier with their time schedule. Maybe someone has more or less money, opportunity and abilities, but we all have the same time. A lot of people are looking for a magic potion to prolong their time, although somewhere deep down they are aware that they have all the tools they need to organize their time in a way that suits them in order to achieve maximum results.

Planner or phone app – what to use for better organization?

better organization
What would I do without my planners? If you're trying to find the right way to organize your time, and thus increase your productivity, you've probably thought about using a planner. With the advent of smart devices, numerous applications for similar purposes have appeared. What to choose: a traditional paper planner or a phone app? Read what my experiences are and what I recommend to you.

20 Pieces of Advice I’d Like to Give to My Younger Self

Advice I'd Like to Give to My Younger Self
How many times have you said, “One day I will laugh at all this”. But until that day comes, you get annoyed a million times. How many questions do you look at yourself in some earlier years and think: "What nonsense I was nervous about!", but who knew anything then. I think all this too. If only I knew what I know now, I would be less annoyed. With all this in mind, I decided to write down what advice I would give to this younger self with this mind.