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Bullet journal page ideas are there ever enough? Let me say this honestly – No! Besides being totally customizable, another amazing thing about the bullet journal is that it can help you track almost everything. If you are anything like me, you probably also like writing down things and making list after list after list.

I know that it can be overwhelming at first when you realize what you can keep track of, which is why I created this list. It will help you find out what you want to track and what’s not worth tracking depending on your needs and lifestyle.

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What is bullet journal?

A bullet journal, or BuJo as most people call it, is an organizational system to help you track everything you wish to track in your fast-paced life. Most bullet journals have the same elements: index, rapid log, log, collections, and migration. But, as I said, a bullet journal is completely customizable so you can have these elements but you don’t have to. What’s important is that you have everything you need in one place and so that it suits you.

Here’s my list of over 75 bullet journal page ideas for you.

Important dates

It is easier to track all of the important dates if you have them written down in one place.

  1. Birthdays;
  2. Anniversaries;
  3. Appointments (dentist, hairdresser, OBGYN …);
  4. Meetings (interviews, bank …);
  5. Family gatherings (weddings, holidays, celebrations …).


Another important thing to keep track of are your finances. Check these bullet journal page ideas to get a hold of your finances.

  1. Monthly/Daily budget;
  2. Savings tracker;
  3. Bills log (due dates …);
  4. Tax Information;
  5. Income tracker;
  6. Spending tracker;
  7. Investment tracker;
  8. Subscription Log;
  9. Credit card tracker;
  10. Coupons (online, stores …).
bullet journal page ideas

Home stuff

No better way to keep your home organized but to track those boring things that give you headaches.

  1. Meal plans (monthly, weekly);
  2. Favorite recipes log;
  3. Grocery shopping;
  4. Pantry inventory;
  5. Freezer inventory;
  6. Cleaning routine;
  7. Cleaning checklist;
  8. Maintenance log;
  9. Car maintenance;
  10. Appliances warranty tracker;
  11. Emergency contacts list;
  12. House improvement project (ideas and budget).


Parents understand how hard it is to keep track of everything your kids are up to, so here are some bullet journal page ideas for parents and parents to be.

  1. Kids doctor appointments;
  2. Vaccinations tracker;
  3. Class schedule;
  4. School contact information;
  5. School shopping list;
  6. Kid’s sports schedule;
  7. Kids chore list and rewards system;
  8. Kids’ birthday/Christmas wish lists;
  9. Growth tracker;
  10. Milestones;
  11. Allowance tracker;
  12. Baby (name ideas, baby’s firsts …).
bullet journal page ideas


We all agree that school is tough, and keeping track of all the assignments are even tougher, so check these ideas.

  1. Classes timetable;
  2. Deadlines list;
  3. Homework tracker;
  4. Grades tracker;
  5. Study tracker;
  6. Exam tracker;
  7. Study plan;
  8. Required reading;
  9. Professor office hours.

Personal stuff

You are the most important person in your life, so don’t forget to take care of yourself with some help of these bullet journal page ideas

  1. Goals (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly);
  2. Website usernames/passwords;
  3. Job application log;
  4. Dream job;
  5. Five-year plan;
  6. Bucket list;
  7. Brain dumps;
  8. Universal packing list;
  9. Recurring tasks;
  10. Sleep log;
  11. Morning/Evening routine;
  12. Mood tracker;
  13. Habit tracker;
  14. Gratitude log;
  15. Thematic To-do lists;
  16. Achievements;
  17. Professional development plan;
  18. Sick days/Vacation leave;
  19. Journaling prompts;
  20. Books read list (to read or read);
  21. Summer reading list;
  22. TV shows/films to watch;
  23. Restaurants to try;
  24. Wishlist;
  25. Map of places you’ve been/want to go;
  26. Bad habits to break;
  27. Inspiring quotes;
  28. Self care ideas;
  29. Workout tracker;
  30. Steps count tracker;
  31. Running miles tracker;
  32. Gym schedule;
  33. Period tracker;
  34. Pregnancy log (symptoms, cravings, appointments, weight gain …).
bullet journal page ideas

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If you have more ideas you can leave a comment and I will make sure to include your suggestion to this list of bullet journal page ideas.


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