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It is always a great time to learn photography, and it has never been easier to do so. I always loved photography, and these photography courses really helped me step up my game.

I’ve been in love with photography ever since I got my first camera, but I was so bad at it. As I upgraded my tools I was getting better and better. Then I learned about these platforms with courses and I got so addicted. I’m still far from a professional photographer, but I’m getting there one course at a time.

Here are some of my favorite ones, and what’s best about them, they are free!

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1. The Bite Shot

Joanie is a professional food photographer with an amazing Youtube channel with loads of tutorials on how to style, edit and shot food photography.


This website offers a number of free photography courses for every level. You will learn from how to choose the best camera for your needs and how to use it on how to further develop your skills. also offers photography classes, photography tips, presets for Lightroom and tips on how to edit photos. I really enjoyed their courses and tips.

3. Alison

Alison is an online platform with free courses on many subjects. There are several courses on photography and one of those is the course from Harvard University. Yes, you read it right, Harvard University. They offer a 12 module course on digital photography and it will take you from 10 to 15 hours to complete it.

4. Udemy

Besides having a lot of paid courses, Udemy also offers free courses. There is a lot of photography courses from photography do’s and don’ts to how to edit photos. You can even find courses in other languages such as Hindi and German. 

5. Karl Taylor Education

Karl is a professional photographer with over 20 years of experience and his portfolio includes advertising, beauty and fashion photography. He offers a comprehensive range of courses and live shows on photography. Also, he offers a free course that is divided into ten modules. 

6. Skillshare

The last one I want to mention is Skillshare. They are not completely free, but when you sign up you get free two months of learning whatever courses you wish to take. My favorite classes are photography classes by Tabitha Park. She has amazing tips and tricks on how to take your photography skills to the next level.

I hope that this list of free photography courses will help you.

Good luck with learning and developing your photography skills ?


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